Download currently not available due to DMCA takedown notice :(

Of course I will not stop working on SkillClient, but for now, no new updates/releases and no official download. However, I'll find a solution to this problem.
Everything will be up soon again, also for 1.12 :)


22:13 - Received this email: [mail]
11:21 - Asked Mojang to verify takedown is by them
18:39 - Removed Files (Deleted Folder "MCmodding4K/Files/versions", the repository "SLiZ2k17/xulu" is not mine neither I have ever heard of it before)

10:38 - Mojang verified DMCA takedown notice was filed by them

17:00 - Trying to create a ForgeMod with Mixin

- MD5: DD46B2C3D6F1FF8F76A1D55724D6A2AC
- SHA1: A7A3C1BD4C483D7F3CDD14AF02563047329619AB
- SHA-256: 5318767D0468167CCE2DB31CE5D9FF0189F9E1621F4590F3EAA7D829C41F226D

- MD5: 37D85408E56AA1F70461AF6E2CDB9D2F
- SHA1: EE038F24B7570816620665D2DD9EAAB9045DD975
- SHA-256: 409303454DA1A05F0B3EF2F163F2DE0FAC79C897DD21D9E9B3EBEBA284E2BDF6